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Law School Purgatory

So I was talking to my mom the other day about the hell that is law school finals.

And, just as back story, you should know that my mom was raised Catholic (went to an all girls Catholic school with nuns, went to church every day, understands a Latin mass, etc etc etc)...

Ok. So.

My mom (who recently graduated with a second degree herself) said something to the effect of - "I don't think Law School Hell is the right term. You're in Law School Purgatory. And there is always a way out of Purgatory."

I like the sound of that.

But, being as I was not raised Catholic, I had to research this "always a way out of Purgatory" thing... 

It seems that under Catholic doctrine, people who die and go to Hell, will always be in Hell.  This happens if a person chooses to not go to Church and confess and repent sins.  However, if a person is unable to confess & repent (i.e. you get killed by a bus on your way to church) then you go to Purgatory.  You remain in Purgatory (where the "fire" purifies the sins unforgiven in life) as long as at it takes for you to be purified.  Sometimes this purification process is quick and sometimes it is slow.  But everyone who enters Purgatory is pure at heart, and will therefore eventually reach Heaven.

I agree with my mom - that's what I'm in.  Law School Purgatory.  And everyone who enters Purgatory eventually reaches Heaven.  :)

Hooray for Wikipedia:
  • Everyone who enters Purgatory belongs to the elect, and will therefore eventually reach Heaven.
  • "From the time of the Apostles," he said, "the Church of Rome has taught, that the souls departed from this world, pure and free from every taint,—namely, the souls of saints,—immediately enter the regions of bliss. The souls of those who after their baptism have sinned, but have afterwards sincerely repented and confessed their sins, though unable to perform the epitimia laid upon them by their spiritual father, or bring forth fruits of repentance sufficient to atone for their sins, these souls are purified by the fire of purgatory, some sooner, others slower, according, to their sins; and then, after their purification, depart for the land of eternal bliss. The prayers of the priest, liturgies, and deeds of charity conduce much to their purification. The souls of those dead in mortal sin, or in original sin, go straight to punishment."
  • Those who die in a state of grace undergo a purification in order to achieve the holiness necessary to enter heaven. This purification of the elect is entirely different from the punishment of the damned in hell. The Catholic doctrine holds that the souls in purgatory undergo temporal punishment due to venial sins or as satisfaction due to their transgressions, and that they can be aided by the prayer and sufferings of the faithful and the Sacrifice of the Mass.
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