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Fit to print

Gay weddings become news 'fit to print'
Gay.com / PlanetOut.com Network
Monday, August 19, 2002 / 05:04 PM

The New York Times said on Sunday that it will publish same-sex partnership announcements along with traditional wedding notices next month.

Gay rights advocates and journalists called the move groundbreaking, since many consider the Times -- with its motto "all the news that's fit to print" -- the nation's most influential newspaper.

According to the newspaper, reports of same-sex unions will appear in the regular Sunday weddings pages, which will be renamed "Weddings/Celebrations." Editors will select gay and straight couples for coverage based on "newsworthiness and accomplishments of the couples and their families."

[Snipped section of article here...]

According to GLAAD, approximately 70 of the nation's daily newspapers allocate space for paid or unpaid same-sex partnership announcements.

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