EnjoyBeing (enjoybeing) wrote,

Random post

* I love my life today. 

* I had an amazing, life-affirming weekend.  Today I am so full of positive "stuff" (energy, love, chi, whatever you wanna call it) I feel like my soul may come exploding out of my body at any moment.  I haven't felt this comfortable in my own skin in a long time - if ever... 

* My amazing weekend unfortunately involved very little sleep.  I did sleep 8 hours on Sunday night, but last night I ended up staying up late, and only slept for like an hour or so...  Oddly enough I'm tired today.

* I have suddenly lost the desire to eat crappy food.  I look at sugary foods and I only want a taste, if that.  I crave veggies, meats, fruits, etc.  (Granted, I still drink Dr. Pepper like there's no tomorrow...)  But I'm just not eating to eat.  I'm eating when I'm hungry, and even then I'm not filling myself with potato chips or starches.  The weirdest part is I'm not even trying to change it, its just what I'm drawn to today. 

* I need a belt.  My pants are droopy.  This may have something to do with the fact that I've lost another 5 or so pounds (bringing me down 25 pounds from January of 2006)...

* Have I mentioned that I love my life?
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