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Injuries & Loans

My LJ life has become bullet-pointed.

* I fell down a flight of stairs on Wednesday afternoon.  I think I tripped on my pants about 3 steps down, and did the splits and fell the rest of the way.  It hurt.  Alot.   My leg is now red and purple, and my hand has abrasions on it    At first I thought I may have sprained something because of the pain and swelling, but I don't think so now.  However, I am limping a little today, because it hurts to put pressure on that leg.  

* The reason I think I tripped on my pants is that almost all my pants are too big for me now.  Even the pants I had taken in a few months ago are too big in the waist.  So they fall down, and I end up stepping on the bottoms...  

* My sister is helping me figure out my finances so that I have things in order in time for graduation.  After graduation, I won't be working (aka no income) until after I take the bar.  So I need to take out loans for living expenses, etc for the summer.  I sent her all my current info and expenses etc on Wednesday, and she had a plan set up for me by this morning.  My sister is amazing.  And now I don't feel as overwhelmed as I did before.  Yay.

* It's a rainy, yucky day.
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