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Using the Bible to justify hatred

ProJo Letter to the Editor

Holy Spirit may speak for gays, lesbians

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

If we are to believe the Bible as the word of God transmitted to human beings in history, it seems to me that we must also accept that God might still be speaking to us today. In fact, Jesus promises the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit to his followers. Could it be possible that this same Spirit is speaking to us through the struggle for peace and justice of lesbians and gays?

Sacred Scripture has been used to justify the persecution of the Jews, of people of color, of women, and the list goes on. Islamic terrorists use it to justify violence against "infidels." We have all used it to justify our treatment of "the stranger." And yet, in the Bible, it is often the stranger, the outcast, the "unclean one," who is the messenger of God.

Jesus's own disciples did not recognize him after the Resurrection because he appeared in an unexpected guise - they were blinded by their own prejudice. They did recognize him, however, in the breaking of the bread: the act of hospitality that characterized his mission on Earth. Are we still blinded by our own limited vision of God's kingdom?

Gay marriage will not destroy society, but bigotry, hatred and injustice probably will. We do not invite people to wholeness/holiness by telling them they are less than, tainted, intrinsically morally disordered. The true intrinsic moral disorder is what we have traditionally called "original sin" - our tendency to put ourselves in the place of God. That applies to everyone - even self-righteous heterosexuals.

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