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I have to fly

"I feel like I've hiked up a mountain for three years and now stand at its top.  Looking down, I can see the path I've taken.  My perspective has changed now that I see the mountain from a different angle.  At the beginning of the hike, the top of the mountain seemed attainable, but distant.  Now that I look from the summit, the distance covered doesn't seem nearly so great.  However, one more challenge yet awaits.  From this peak, I have to fly.  And like Daedaleus and Icarus I have to build my own wings.  I have feathers, glue, wood and twine.  Now all I need to do is build my wings and watch where I fly.  Too high and the sun will burn me.  Too low and the waters will sink me.  Here's hoping for a smooth flight."
 -- Glen E. Plosa, Bar Passages: From Law School to Law Firm
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