EnjoyBeing (enjoybeing) wrote,

I think I broke my toe

Ok, well, maybe its not broken.  I have no way to really know for sure...  But it hurts like a mother. 

I slammed it into the cart somehow at Target about an hour ago.  Wearing cutesy sandals.  (Which are new and looked fabulous on me at the cookout... but now are the bane of my existence b/c had I been wearing my usual ugly running shoes this wouldn't have happened.)

I had to sit down on that crappy dirty Target floor it hurt so bad.  I almost cried.
I limped my way out of the store, to my car, and up 2 flights of stairs to my apartment. 

Now its all swollen and hurts if I try to move it.  It kind of aches and throbs.  Ow!!

Thank god I don't need my toes to study bar questions... At least I didn't break my right hand or something.  And at least I'm "in" for the night...
Tags: pain, sandals, target, toes

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