EnjoyBeing (enjoybeing) wrote,

2 weeks

So yesterday marked exactly 2 weeks to the bar exam (which is a Tues-Wed-Thurs ordeal).  Yesterday was also the last day of BarBri.  (Today I have an "essay workshop" and next week I'm taking a 3-day PMBR review course... but BarBri's over!!  Unbelievable.)

I can't believe the summer has flown by so quickly.

I feel extremely under-prepared, but I understand that's normal.  It's hard to gauge whether I "know enough"... I mean, I definitely don't know enough right now - its not like I could stop studying today by any stretch (but I have 2 more weeks to learn stuff)... I guess right now I wish I had a better way to tell if I knew enough for where I am right now.  You know? 

Am I where I'm supposed to be?  Am I behind?  I FEEL behind!!  (Self-reminder: that doesn't necessarily mean I won't pass!)
Does everyone feel like this?  (Well, I think the answer to THAT questions is yes.)

From watching friends' blogs & AIM away messages, I think pretty much everyone is in a "panic" mode or, alternatively, a "maybe I should give up now" type of mode...

Personally, I think I'm still in shock.
Tags: bar exam, bar review, law

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