EnjoyBeing (enjoybeing) wrote,

Why is THIS the reason my school makes CNN?

This has been big LOCAL news this week (and here), but NOW national news has picked it up...

Roger Williams University benefactor and board chairman uses N-word during Board Meeting


I would like to note three things -

First, while Pappito IS the guy my law school is named after (sadly), he sat on the undergrad Board of Trustees, not the Board of the law school... We have a separate board.

Second, there is much active discussion of taking steps (including removing his name from the law school) to distance our school from Pappito...  Hopefully this will happen sooner, rather than later.  Pappito is (apparently) long known for his not-so-great (aka bigoted) views against jews, muslims, blacks & women.  Not the greatest guy for a school - especially one that so stresses diversity - to be named after...

Third, if the name gets changed, I'm going to ask for my diploma to be reissued...
Tags: law school, news, pappito, racism, rhode island

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