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RWU School of Law - It's official!

Sent to all RWU law students today (emphasis mine)

To the Roger Williams University School of Law Community

July 19, 2007

Richard Bready, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Roger Williams University, yesterday accepted former chairman Ralph Papitto’s request that his name be removed from the law school at Roger Williams University.

Having the law school named after Mr. Papitto has been a subject of intense debate over the last several days. I join President Nirschel in thanking Mr. Papitto for making a difficult personal decision, but one that is clearly in the best interests of the law school he helped establish. In the coming weeks, all references to the Ralph R. Papitto School of Law will be removed in an appropriate and orderly way.

Recent events have been difficult for everyone associated with Roger Williams University, especially the law school community. I have been impressed with the candor and civility with which these sensitive issues have been discussed, and with the respect that has been given to the many opinions that have been expressed.

While we have now returned to our original name, this law school has always been committed to the core values that animated the life and work of our namesake, Roger Williams: an independence of mind, and a deep respect for all, regardless of race, creed, color, or religion.

David A. Logan
Dean & Professor of Law
Roger Williams University School of Law
Bristol, Rhode Island
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