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Hello world.

Tomorrow morning I leave for Maine.  For a week.  I've never been there, and am looking forward to it... I love going to new places, especially when I get to stay there for a bit and explore.  I don't mind being "touristy" but I also love settling in and experiencing "real life" in new places...

We don't really have any set plans.  Which is very unlike me, because I usually program the shit out of myself and my traveling companions.  This time I didn't have time to pre-plan... So I'm going by the seat of my pants... I'm willing to go with the flow this time, and we'll see how comfortable I am with it as the week goes on. :)

The cottage where we'll be staying has wireless, so I may be online from time to time... But then again, I may be out by the ocean, or going for carriage rides, or eating delicious dinners, or catching up on movies and junk tv...

Tags: maine, trips, vacation

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