EnjoyBeing (enjoybeing) wrote,

Local weather update

Yesterday and today have felt like fall.  The highs were in the mid-to-low-70s.  My air conditioners are off, and the windows are open wide. Lucia, the kitty, loves it.  She loves to be right up in the window - I'm sure she is listening and smelling all that is going on around us.  I think she also likes the breezes that flow in thru the screens...

It's odd that I like listening to the sounds of my neighbors and the cars going by.  It makes me feel secure and at home.  I love hearing sounds of children playing, & bits of conversations as people pass under my window...

This weather is just a teaser, though, I'm afraid.  The weather channel predicts that we will be back in the mid-80s by Friday - with thunderstorms to boot!

But I'm enjoying it while its here.
Tags: rhode island, weather

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