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Chafee leaves Republican party

Lincoln Chafee, former RI Senator, is now also a former Republican
(Note: I like Chafee... He stood up to other Repubs for RI issues... If he'd dumped the Republicans sooner, I'd've voted for him in the last election.)

Lincoln D. Chafee, who lost his Senate seat in the wave of anti-Republican sentiment in last November’s election, said yesterday that he has left the party.

Chafee said he disaffiliated with the party he had helped lead, and his father had led before him, because the national Republican Party has gone too far away from his stance on too many critical issues, from war to economics to the environment.

"It’s not my party any more,” he said.
Read the full ProJo story here:

Credit to RI Future.org for posting this story.
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