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Computer. Yay!

I bought a new computer yesterday. Thought I was going to get another laptop, but went with a PC instead. Its wicked fancy and I'm really excited.

The Dell laptop that my dad bought for me for law school really did its job. Luckily he also got me the 3 yr extended warranty, which I used extensively. That laptop really suffered because I carried it back and forth to school and coffee houses daily... In and out of a rolling backpack... Being bumped along sidewalks and parking lots... It really took a beating...

Now the 3 yr warranty has expired (as of July)... And the laptop is running really hot, won't restart if it goes into sleep mode, and most recently my profile got corrupted which means the computer can't "see" my files anymore unless I redirect the computer to each folder or file. Which is basically a pain in the rear.

I was already leaning toward another Dell b/c I had so much luck with this one, and with the extended warranty, the help-desk people were great. I thought I would go with another laptop. But since I have a laptop thru work that I'll use for traveling, I re-prioritized and went with the PC. Much more memory & speed for less than the cost of a laptop with less functionality. And I added the 3 yr extended warranty, again, cuz I had such good luck with it for the laptop.

So! Now I just need to work on sorting through & reorganizing my desk to make room for the new addition. :)
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