EnjoyBeing (enjoybeing) wrote,

Uphill on an icy road

There is a one-way street beneath the window in my office... And its an uphill drive, with a stop sign at the top where you can only go left or straight across... But the top of the street is usually lined with cars parked at meters, so its almost impossible to see whether its safe to pull out or not... 

Well, after the icy rain yesterday - and considering its currently in the 20s - this little side street is iced up, and people are having a heckuva time getting up the road, and then even more trouble getting started again once they stop at the stop sign.  

I keep hearing repetitive squeely noises of engines revving and tires spinning drift up to my 2nd floor window.  I finally had to take some pictures with my phone, but they really don't do justice... It's the sad squeeling noises that really MAKE this experience. :) 

Pic 1: The car is making the sad revving noises - and not moving AT ALL...

Pic 2: Now he's given up, and he's rolling backwards down the hill...
Tags: ice, providence, snow

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