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Rhode Islanders - Call your senator!

Whitehouse is likely to vote FOR the f'd up FISA wiretapping bill (granting immunity to teleco's who gave the government free access to your calls & emails without a warrant).
Article: http://www.projo.com/news/johnmulligan/whitehouse_06-30-08_1MAMVML_v3.86cbce.html

Please drop him a note or give him a call and let him know where you stand on this issue. ASAP.  Note: If you don't know where you stand on the issue - let me know, and I'll give you a GREAT opinion. :) 

There's an amendment out there right now that would strip teleco's of immunity for acts done before the bill passes (but would allow them immunity in the future).  IMO there should be no immunity in the future either, but CERTAINLY no immunity for past acts that are currently being litigated...

This bill comes up right after the 4th of July.  So act now!

If you know other Rhode Islanders who would be pissed off by this, please have them contact Whitehouse too.
Tags: fisa, politics, rhode island, wiretapping

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