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Hello floor

So today I tried to be a good girl and get my labwork/blood tests done in advance of a dr's appointment Thursday. I even fasted for 12 hours prior. But when the nurse/tech person started drawing blood I got pretty woozy. Much more than normal. So much so that she stopped what she was doind and asked if I was ok. To which I responded 'no' because I was really going downhill at that point - feeling really quesy and dizzy and hot.

I must have looked terrible, apparently all the blood drained from my face/lips. She moved me so that I was laying on the floor - I don't think she thought she could get me to a room to lay down on an exam table. She propped my feet up, gave me a box of apple juice and a cold compress for my head. I think the problem had to do with the fasting and the fact that I was dehydrated.

She couldn't finish the blood work, so I have to fast again and go back on Saturday. Booooo.
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