EnjoyBeing (enjoybeing) wrote,

No complimentary beverages

So I'm flying on US Airways today and for the first time in my expansive flying experience I heard an announcement that when the beverage cart comes through, flight attendants will have drinks for sale. Not just alcoholic beverages. ALL beverages.
Soda and water = $2.00
Coffee and tea = $1.00
Liquor and wine = $7.00

I've experienced the 'food for sale' phenomenon, but was ok with it because at least it was real food, not the same tiny bags of peanuts and pretzels for $3.00. But soda and coffee?

I was floored. Especially because during my first leg I didn't know until I was a captive on the plane. And it was also after I checked a bag at the kiosk and was charged a $15 fee - which apparently has been in place since mid-July for US Airways - anytime you check a bag it will cost you $15 for the first, $25 for the second and like $100 for additional... Anyway, I digress...

The second leg, now a wiser US Airways traveler, I imported my own Starbucks beverage. Heck, if I'm overpaying for a drink, it might as well be the big S.

Are other airlines doing this too? Doing away with complimentary soft drinks, juices, coffee and water? And charging an extra fee for ONE checked bag?

I don't think its a good PR move.
Tags: aviation, travel

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