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PolitiFact: Sorting out the TRUTH in politics

PolitiFact: Sorting out the TRUTH in politics

I just heard about this website via NPR. They go through claims made in political speeches and ads. They then rate each claim as either True, Mostly True, Half True, Barely True or False. And then you can click a link and read more details and facts about the particular claim (and how true it is).  They even have a category called "Pants on Fire."  Tee hee.   I especially like it because life is not black/white, good/bad, true/false.  There are shades of gray...  Sometimes people can really stretch something that's barely true and make it look darn good!  Especially if you don't have the actual facts. 

The thing about this website is they are equally fact-checking the republicans and the democrats. There doesn't seem to be much spin that I've noticed so far. This is something I think we need more of in this election - FACTS!  

In fact, this is what the purpose of the site is: "Each election year we hear this lament from our readers suffering the barrage of campaign rhetoric: "just gimme the truth." That's the mission of PolitiFact.The St. Petersburg Times of Florida and Congressional Quarterly of Washington, D.C. – two of America's most trusted, independent newsrooms – have created the site to help voters separate fact from falsehood in the 2008 presidential campaign."

Personally, I want to make my decision this election based on facts. Not fear. Not misinformation. Not political spin. Or worse, political LIES. Give me some real facts and background information I can sink my teeth into!  :)  I think this website will really help with that.  Kind of like snopes.com for chain emails! :)

So check it out.  I hope you'll use FACTS to decide who'll you will vote for too.
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