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Slacker Uprising - Watch it free!!

Click here to watch Michael Moore's new movie for free --

It's a documentary about Michael Moore's "get out the vote" tour during the 2004 election.

I'm 32 minutes into it so far.  I especially like the song about Al Gore at the 28 minute mark.

Hey slackers!  Register to vote!  The deadline is fast approaching!
Even if you think you're registered to vote, verify it here:
And remind your friends and family to check too. 

It's surprising the number of people who aren't registered to vote!  It's even more surprising, to me, the number of people who, although registered - don't bother to vote on election day.

As an aside - my parents cast their votes today.  Yup.  Certain states let you cast your ballot early.  If you have a weird schedule and you don't know whether you'll make it to the polls on election day, check out the early voting options for your state.
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