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Not all Alaskans love Gov. Palin (even those who voted for her)

Approximately 1,400 people gathered for an anti-Palin rally in Anchorage on September 13 - this was the first time Palin returned to Alaska following the announcement by McCain that she was his VP pick. 

Photos from the rally:


More photos here.

According to USA Today:
The protest came about two hours after Palin delivered a rousing speech at Anchorage's new convention center before leaving the state to return to the campaign trail. Palin was named John McCain's running mate on Aug. 29. This was her first return since then to her home state.

Also from USA Today:
"I think America does not understand how absolutely extreme her positions are — even to the right of George Bush and John McCain," Barbara Norton, a 56-year-old midwife said. "She is frightening."


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