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Letterman on McCain/Palin

McCain blew off Letterman due to "the economy exploding" and because his second in command can't step up in his place while he dashes off to D.C.

However, he didn't actually dash off to D.C. (as you may have heard) instead he dashed over to do an interview with Katie Couric to try and clean up the mess that Sarah Palin left there...

Highlights of that night on Letterman:

Best quotes:
Letterman: "This doesn't smell right. This is not the way a tested hero behaves. Somebody's putting something in his Metamucil."

Letterman: "Let's say there's a time of crisis and... the poor guy's a little older... and Sarah Palin takes over as President... She ought to be ready because she's handled crises like this in the past... oh, wait, she HASN'T handled crises like this in the past."

Coverage on 94 HJY: Home of Rock & Roll (local radio station)

McCain lied to Letterman. He said he couldn’t appear on the show because he had to race to Washington to help shepherd the solution to the greatest economic crises America has faced since the Pilgrims traded in beaver pelts. Instead, Letterman’s crew found Lyin’ John, frozen stiff in a chair as he waited for Katie Couric to question him with empty, rhetorical boilerplate.

One floor down in New York City when he was supposed to be drag racing to Washington to save the nation from ruin, as only a disabled, 72 year old, functionally befuddled senior citizen can. You don’t lie to Letterman when he’s got all the cameras and crew to take you to the scrap yard and crush what’s left of your pathetic credibility.

Hat tip to Mr. Clean.
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