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VP debate observations

General observations:

1. The debate watch party/fundraiser that I helped co-host was a big success. Watching the debate on a giant movie screen surrounded by other Obama/Biden supporters was a blast.

2. In general, they both held their own... It went as I expected... (However, Biden did sweep the floor with her on certain issues... but she didn't trip or drool on the podium, so given most people's low expectations for her performance, many will consider it a success, I'm sure... )

3. We could have made a drinking game out of Palin's "verbiage" (as she calls it) - if we'd taken a drink every time she used the word "maverick" we'd have been on the floor.

Things that annoyed me about Palin during the debate:

1. She said "nuCUlar" - like W. Over and over. Also like W. I'm not sure why I was surprised.

2. Palin didn't follow the rules set out by her own handlers for candidate conduct during the debate... For example, there was some kind of rule or agreement that the candidates would not speak to one another.  She ignored it and said "you" to Biden the whole time.  And I'm not sure why I was surprised.
(I want to find the article I'd read before on what the agreement was going in, to see what is really up there.)

3. Also, if there was an award for ignoring questions and just rambling on about things that you WANT to talk about (without even ATTEMPTING to tie it together) Palin would win hands down.  Biden was very good about addressing the moderator's questions (sometimes better than other times, but he always at least answered the question and basically stayed on point).  Palin had no way to answer a good number of the questions posed, and apparently her handlers told her - if you ever don't know the answer, start talking about ENERGY and say MAVERICK a lot.  And she did that very well.  She also looked very non-straight talk while she did it.  (Again, I'm not sure why I was surprised.)

4. That wink has GOT to go.

My favorite moments of the debate:

1. Biden pointing out that he knows what its like to be a single parent. 

2. Biden's wish for troop safety as the final moment of his closing statement.

3. Biden's characterization of McCain's plan to tax insurance coverage and give a tax break that would only partially cover people to buy their own insurance (it would cover less than 50% of the cost of the insurance)...  Biden called it the real Bridge to Nowhere!!

There's more, but it's late...
What were your favorite or most annoying moments of the debate?

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