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Obama's "mandate" strategy - will it work?

I read some commentary recently by someone who thinks Obama is making a mistake by trying to win lots of states instead of focusing strategically only on the states he really needs to win.  The fear is Obama's trying to win a "mandate" and not an election - and in doing so, may lose both.  This blogger suggested he "dump" his remaining campaign resources in the 2 states that, in her opinion, Obama really needs to win (then he wins the election even if most of the "conventionally red" states go for McCain).  The election comes down to that strange "electoral vote math" which is a post all to itself... but I digress.

I currently love checking the Yahoo Political Dashboard daily - where most states appear to be leaning blue - even though I know these polls are unreliable, and unless people turn out and VOTE, they mean nothing... I also admit that I like the idea of a "blue mandate" and I like how Obama's supporters seem to be focusing nationwide. 

But the idea that Obama could lose using this strategy frightens me - what happens if Obama supporters are being distracted by the polls, and due to whatever reason -- long voting lines, hateful robocalls, Bradley effect (if that exists) -- for whatever reason, Obama doesn't secure the states that seem to be leaning his way now.  What if, by a slight margin, McCain picks up the usual red states, and Obama doesn't secure states like PA & CO - much less states like OH, FL & NH... This scares me.

What about you?  What do you think?  Do you think Obama is making a tactical blunder?
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