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W voted for McCain

Big News!  Or not...

Apparently, George W voted by absentee ballot because he'll be in DC on election day, and his ballot has been mailed back to Texas. Not surprisingly, W voted for McCain.

Snippets from article:

White House Press Secretary Dana Perino's statement Friday seemed unexceptional:

"Today," she said, "the President and Mrs. Bush cast their ballots for the 2008 election during the early voting process. The ballots will be mailed back to Texas today. They plan to be here at the White House on election night."

and then...

20 minutes later, Perino issued another statement.

"I find this hard to believe," she said, "But so many reporters have asked just who the president voted for, I guess I have to make it clear -- for months the president has said he supports John McCain for president and of course he voted for him."

Yes, we cannot forget that Bush strongly supports McCain (since McCain voted to support the President's policies 90% of the time).  

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