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Women's Suffrage

Suffrage -- It sounds horrible, doesn't it? The word, I mean.  Like someone suffering.  And why would anyone want to fight for that?

But, according to Webster, suffrage actually means = "A vote given in deciding a controverted question, or in the choice of a man for an office or trust; the formal expression of an opinion; assent; vote."

According to this guy's blog, it comes from Latin “Suffragari”, meaning to support or vote for someone.  The word used to mean "assistance or help" and was often used by "the Church" to refer to saying prayers for the souls of the departed.   It referred to the privilege, once dead, of being prayed for (because not everyone was so special to receive these after-death prayers).

By approximately the year 1700 - the word suffrage basically referred to "the privilege possessed by a soul in whose interest others may intercede. By a slight reversal, this becomes the privilege of interceding in the fate of such a soul; by extension, the privilege of interceding in any grave matter."

McCain has referred to Palin as the answer to women's struggle for suffrage since the 19th century at the national level (and before, at a state level).  Palin represents NOTHING these brave female suffragists worked for.  McCain could have selected a more qualified female candidate, but he did not - instead he put HIMSELF before this Country, and chose someone ill prepared to run our country should something happen to him.  These are the kind of poor and selfish decisions we can expect him to make in office as well.

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