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Obama for the Economy

You might find this website of interest. (Note: It is not affiliated with the Obama campaign.)

Here's the gist: 
Obama's tax plan calls for lowering taxes for 95% of Americans. (Which is great for us!) But what about the poor schmucks who are in that top 5% -- what about them? Isn't it terrible that they should have to pay higher taxes then they are paying now? (Granted, they will still be paying about what the taxes were during Clinton's time in office, but that's the subject of another post...)

So the people running the Obama for the Economy website asked the in that top 5% 
"Why are you supporting Barack Obama? Why do you think he will help the economy?"

Here a few of their answers:

Ian D. Quan-Soon, MBA, CFP, President, IQ Financial Services, Inc., New York, NY:
"I am a business owner, asset manager and financial advisor based in New York City, and a strong supporter of Senator Barack Obama for President. Senator Obama promises to raise my taxes and I will be happy to pay the proposed higher rates. Let me tell you why: I believe that paying taxes for worthy programs that help to strengthen America such as early childhood education, improvement in school programs, providing loans to students for college and supporting better pay for teachers, police, fire services and providing social services to the needy are part of my civic duty as a responsible and patriotic citizen. I do not mind paying taxes, but I do care that my taxes are not wasted on an unnecessary war and subsidies for big oil companies and multi millionaire Wall Street bankers that do not need them."

Peter Norvig, Ph.D., Director of Research, Google, Palo Alto, CA:
"I will pay more taxes under the Obama administration, and like Warren Buffet and Adam Smith, I think that is not unreasonable. In return I get a country that: invests more in basic science research (which will grow the economy faster), understands the need for a transformative switch to a new energy economy (which gains jobs, decreases oil usage and alleviates climate problems), and regains respect on the world stage (bettering all of us in the USA, and all of us on earth). I call that a bargain."

Bill Struve, CEO of Metal Adventures Inc., Wilmington, NC:
"I've already contributed to and voted for Barack Obama despite the facts that I'm a 70-year-old white male and small business owner whose taxes will increase when he is president. Obama is the first Democrat I've voted for and the first presidential candidate to whom I've sent money. We need a leader who will focus on education for all; a thoughtful and intelligent leader who can inspire this great nation of ours during the difficult times ahead."

Paul Berg, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Professor of Biochemistry, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA:
"Paying taxes is a privilege for living in this country. We can no longer continue with the myth that we can have all the benefits this country provides without paying for it. Obama shares that view and offers a plan for a more equitable society. I share his commitment to provide proper health care for those who have been doing without for so long.I consider myself fortunate in being able and willing to have my taxes raised in order to provide assistance for those working families still in need."

Bruno Coon, Composer, Venice, CA:
If the question is: How much more would I be willing to pay in taxes to achieve a country that would actually stand and act for human rights, not torture; equality of opportunity not the promotion of mindless greed and for a return to the best of the ideals that brought this country into being, then the answer is a very great deal. I support Obama, naturally.

Go to the website to read more.

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