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Voter suppression efforts - Protect your vote!!

There is a scary amount of voter suppression efforts going on today.   (Read here for my previous voter suppression post.)

The latest ones I've heard about are:

Scam #1 - Wrong Day: people being told that Democrats vote on Wednesday (instead of Tuesday).   Some of these letters or fliers make it sound like voting is being extended to Nov 5th because of expected high voter turn-out.  This is simply not true. Even in a state that allows early voting, Nov 4 is the last possible day to cast your vote for Obama!!  Make sure your friends and family KNOW that today is the day!

Scam #2 - Phone Scam: other people are being told that Democrats can "vote via phone."   This is a scam!!  Make sure your contacts know they can't vote via a phone number.  Period.  Get to the polls and cast your vote for Obama today!!

Here's more info:

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