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How long are you willing to wait in line to vote?

Yesterday, CNN's Jack Cafferty asked viewers how long they'd be willing to wait in line to vote. Here are some of my favorite answers:

~ My whole day is devoted to this one moment in history, i never want to look back and regret that i was not involved in one of the most important moments in United States history.

~ Considering that there are some that wait ....and sometimes fight a lifetime for the opportunity to vote, I will wait happily for as long as it takes to vote for my chosen candidate. I urge everyone to do the same!

~ You take your pick: A few hours, or a few years. I’ll be voting tomorrow. Guaranteed.

~ I’ve already waited 8 years. One day is nothing.

~ I think if the veterans can do 3 one year tours of duty in Iraq, I can wait on line 24 hours if it will help get them home.

~ I am prepared and willing to wait all day. I have cleared my calendar to make sure I can spend the whole day. And the time I don’t spend waiting or voting, I will spend poll watching and holding signs. This is far too important not to make a personal sacrifice to make sure my vote counts. And, as an Army wife, one day of work loss is meaningless compared to the days my husband has and will spend on deployment. To all within the sound of your voice: Get out and vote!

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