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Attention Georgia voters!

If you live in Georgia, please read below & please vote for Jim Martin on or before December 2nd.  Whether you're a GA voter or not, please feel free to share this info with Georgia voters who will help Martin beat Saxby Chambliss in the runoff.  Jim's election is important to Georgia and important to helping Obama succeed!  Every vote counts!!

Facts about voting in the runoff:
If you did not vote in the general election, you can still vote in the runoff (as long as you were registered to vote on or before October 6, 2008).

The runoff is Tuesday, December 2nd.  You can also VOTE EARLY on Monday, November 24 and through Wednesday, November 26.  To find out when & where to vote early in your county, click here.

Bring an approved photo ID with you to vote.

Facts about Jim Martin:
Democrat Jim Martin faces incumbent Republican Saxby Chambliss in a runoff on December 2nd.  Martin is a Vietnam vet who has been married to the same woman for 38 years.  He spent 18 years in the Georgia legislature, and led the Georgia Department of Human Resources. 

Wondering where Jim Martin stands on issues that are important to you?  Click here.  He outlines his stance on the economy, our strategy for Iraq, health care, education, the environment, protecting seniors and retirement programs, immigration reform and honoring veterans.

Chambliss has taken the low road and is spreading smears about Jim Martin.   Read the truth about Jim's record regarding lowering taxes, his work on behalf of children, and cracking down on child predators

Runoff info on Jim Martin's website:

Volunteer with Martin's campaign:

The truth about Jim's record:

Jim's stance on various issues:
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