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In the news: Continental Airlines & Mesaba ridiculous-ness in Minnesota

Last week, 47 passengers and crew on a Continental Airlines flight were stranded on the tarmac in Minnesota overnight...  Left on the plane, with only pretzels to eat & with lavatories overflowing, from midnight until 6am...

The Continental Airlines plane was diverted from it's intended destination (Minneapolis) because of thunderstorms and when they arrived in Rochester, MN, they were not permitted to de-plane (despite the crew members' pleas for assistance). All because, supposedly, the airport terminal was "closed" and the Mesaba customer service agents in the airport wouldn't assist. Mesaba, of course, denies these allegations.

Snippets from CNN article:
In audiotapes released by the Transportation Department, the unnamed captain of the aircraft can be heard pleading with an airline dispatcher to find a way to get the passengers off the plane.

"We're stuck here with no lavs, no nothing -- no food," he says. "And they won't let them get off because the terminal is closed."

Later, the dispatcher tells the captain that he has spoken to the commuter airline's representative and that "she says there is nothing she can do to help us out. She's not going to let them off the plane."

"That's ridiculous," the captain responds.

The flight's 47 passengers described crying babies, overflowing toilets and cramped conditions.

Click here to read the full story on CNN.

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