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R.I.P. Senator Kennedy... Or not..

Some commentators' choice of words following Ted Kennedy's death - and the timing of them - have been neither respectful nor classy:

Eric Sanger, a director of The Sean Hannity Show, said on Facebook:
"The irony is that the media is already positioning Ted as a champion for the little man against wealth and privilege. This piece of garbage was the poster child for wealth and privilege. Hopefully, this event will mark the end of this repugnant family and all the endless crap, entitlement, personal indulgences and collateral damage." (emphasis added)

Wesley Pruden, a Washington Times columnist, wrote that Kennedy's death was "a good career move."

Andrew Breitbart, a fellow Times columnist, called Kennedy a "villain," a "duplicitous bastard," and a "prick" on Twitter.

While I am a STRONG advocate of free speech, and a person's right to speak their own truth... I think the choice of timing for these comments and others like them was extremely poor and showed little character.  It's disrespectful of the great loss being felt by the Senator's family and loved ones.  I can only imagine what it feels like to lose your husband or father.  But to then see ugly comments like these online on the same day as his death or in the days just after?  It's unnecessary, and regardless of your feelings for Ted Kennedy, or the Kennedys in general, the timing is horrible.

Not very classy at all. 

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