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Aeromexico flight hijacked; hijackers claim to have explosive device; demand to talk to Mexican Pres

Breaking news:

Hijacked Aeromexico flight 576 lands in Mexico City

Boeing 737 carrying more than 100 passengers was hijacked by armed men after it took off from an airport in the Mexican resort of Cancun on Wednesday morning, according to local media reports. The aircraft landed safely in Mexico City.

The plane, Aeromexico flight 576, had taken off from Cancun Airport at 11.38 a.m. local time, according to flight records. It was originally scheduled for Juarez International Airport in Mexico City, where it was due to land at 1.50 p.m. local time. A total of 104 people were initially believed to be on board.

Most passengers were released after the plane touched down in Mexico City, where it was taken to an isolated part of the airport. Passengers were seen entering buses as they left the aircraft. Heavily armed security forces have surrounded the aircraft as the hijackers and the crew remain on board, according to reporters on scene.

The hijackers, three Bolivian men, are demanding to speak with Mexican President Calderon. They are carrying a package with tape and cables, which is said to be an explosive device. The government is currently in an emergency meeting, in what is being described as a national emergency.

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