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I'm wasting "valuable" time surfing random websites. Found this: Murphy's Laws Site

- Any cool program always requires more memory than you have.
- When you finally buy enough memory, you will not have enough disk space.
- Disks are always full. It is futile to try to get more disk space. Data expands to fill any void.
- If a program actually fits in memory and has enough disk space, it is guaranteed to crash.
- If such a program has not crashed yet, it is waiting for a critical moment before it crashes.
- The faster you need a hardcopy, the more people will be using the only office printer.

- The car only breaks down at the least convenient time. When you car breaks down and it is a small repair, the mechanic has to remove the engine to get to that part.
- Your car keys are always in the pocket of the hand that is fullest.
- The later you are running, the greater the chance of hitting every red light in your path.

- The job you want is well paying, interesting, fun, rewarding, conveniently located, or attainable; pick one.
- The happiest person in the company cannot ever be trusted.

- The distance to your departure gate is directly proportional to the weight of your carry on luggage and inversely proportional to the time remaining before your flight.

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