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While Republicans and their shadowy corporate backers fill people's minds with gross misrepresentations of and outright lies about President Obama and Congressional Democrats – "death panels," "government takeover," "tax increases" – the Democrats fail to communicate what they actually have done.

A few examples:

Republicans continually complain about the stimulus and say we need tax cuts instead. How many Americans know that one-third of the stimulus enacted by the Democrats was a tax cut of nearly $300 billion? Obama and the Democrats cut taxes for all but the richest 3% of Americans, with the average household receiving a cut of nearly $1200.

Republicans complain about deficits, but refuse to restore the tax rates on the very rich to what they were during the prosperous 1990s – when the budget deficit vanished.

Largely as a result of GOP policies, by 2007, the richest 0.1% of Americans were hauling in almost 12 percent and the richest 0.01% were raking in almost 7% of the national income, both the most in American history. Then the economy collapsed. These are the people paying for the anti-Democratic propaganda, with the goal of returning to the bad old days when they sucked up more and more of the nation's money.

Democrats in less than 2 years have:
- passed the largest tax cut in U.S. history;
- reined in credit card company abuses;
- stopped insurance companies from dropping people when they get sick or have pre-existing conditions
- saved GM and a million jobs
- passed a major financial reform bill to make huge financial institutions accountable
- increased access to and improved the terms of student loans
. . . the list goes on.

What Democrats haven't done is effectively communicate their accomplishments to the voters. So, please help share these accomplishments with your friends and family!



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