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Aviation news in Greece & Kenya

On 5 December 2002 air traffic controllers in Greece joined a public sector strike designed to put pressure on the government to grant pay increases that keep pace with inflation. The controllers' union made the decision to strike late on 4 December, thus giving very little advance warning. Due to the work stoppage, -- which is scheduled to last until midnight local time (2200 UTC) -- flights will be limited to one to each destination per airline. Of the 397 domestic and international flights scheduled for 5 December, more than 220 had to be cancelled, according to a spokesman for Athens' airport. Controllers will handle emergency, military and VIP flights as usual. The strike has also affected other sectors, closing down schools and reducing hospitals to skeleton staff. The work stoppage has not affected public transportation and banks. The union called for a protest march to the ministry of economy and the Parliament building, but turnout for the march was reportedly low.

On 4 December 2002, Kenyan media reports alleged that Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) at Kenyan airports had become unreliable due to neglect. Some pilots have issued claims to the media that Kenya's Directorate of Civil Aviation has not calibrated the ILS at Nairobi's Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) for two years. Safety norms require the system to be calibrated and adjusted biannually. The Directorate of Civil Aviation director refuted the assertions that the system was unreliable at JKIA, but confirmed that the necessary calibrations had not been performed at other, unspecified Kenyan airports. According to pilots who transit JKIA regularly, the ILS on the airport's Runway 06 is off-course by half a degree, and wavers noticeably during heavy rains, just when it is needed most.

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