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Garrison Keillor on exclusivity...

An exerpt from a Time Magazine Article I read and happen to agree with:

Who Do They Think They Are? By Garrison Keillor (I happen to love most of what G.K. has to say...)
From Monday, Dec. 02, 2002

You know Republicans are running the country when you see the new express lanes for first-class customers at airport security. They're cropping up all over. The other day I was in the regular 59¢ nonexpress line of middle-class peasants waiting to be scanned, and a few of the ruling elite came sashaying along the other side of the rope to the head of our line — it was line jumping, government sanctioned — and two hefty gentlemen with helmet hair and dangly cell phones butted in front of me as if by divine right and dumped their bags and laptops on the conveyor and forged ahead without a nod or a smile. It felt more than unpleasant; it felt un-American. But this is a Midwesterner talking. We were brought up to be thankful and wait our turn and not think we were too important to stand in line for the turkey and stuffing.
Last year, after the unthinkable happened, a wave of spontaneous grass-roots patriotism spread across the land, and we all stood in line, the pinstripe suits and the grandmas and grandpas and the kids with the knapsacks, and accepted the inconvenience with darned good humor. It was a rare moment of common feeling, and we should hold on to that feeling — for the execs and traders, secretaries, flight attendants, the dishwashers and wait staff at Windows on the World who all went down together.
There's a price to be paid for the concierge life: stupidity. Your mind tends to wander and take you with it. You learn something standing in the crowd. I think of the inconvenience of serving on a jury last summer and the hours we spent poring over a case of criminal assault. It's hard work summoning up your best judgment on behalf of the law, and to do the work with that slice-of-St.-Paul bunch of moms and retirees and folks from Cubicleville was a revelation. If I were the accused, I'd want that jury and not one chosen from the express lane of life. You don't want your fate decided by people who go for the quick and easy.

If you want to read the whole Time magazine article you can. I highly suggest it.

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