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I get a newsletter in my email each week from whitehouse.gov that sums up the craziness of the Bush administration for the week... Speeches he's made, etc.
This is from the week of December 13.

Any thoughts?

    Armies of Compassion

    President Bush envisions an America where people in need are served by people who care. On Thursday the President traveled to Philadelphia, PA to outline important steps to reach out to America's faith-based and community
    organizations. He announced he would implement key elements of his Faith-Based and Community Initiative in order to make it easier for America's charities to work with the federal government to address the needs of hurting Americans.
    During his remarks, the President said, "Faith-based groups will never replace government when it comes to helping those in need. Yet government must recognize the power and unique contribution of faith-based groups in every part of our country. And when the federal government gives contracts to
    private groups to provide social services, religious groups should have an equal chance to compete."

    Policy in Focus - The President's Compassion Agenda:

    Text - President's Remarks:

    Video - President's Remarks:

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