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Holiday Vent

Tuesday Vent - December 24, 2002
    I see where Trent Lott claims he fell into a "trap" set by his political enemies. What did they do? Put a live microphone in front of him?

    Let's have a moment of silence for all the family dogs who will have a bow stuck to the top of their heads on Christmas Day.

    I don't know what Jesus would drive, but if he was driving it in Georgia, he'd have to get an emissions test this month.

    Everyone please stop and say a prayer for the members of our military who are separated from their families and friends during this holiday season. As a voice of experience, I know: It helps.

    There is definitely a generation gap. My daughter would never be seen with a panty line, and I would not be seen without one.

    To those of you still taking advice from Dr. Laura: Don't.

    If that redneck relic-of-the-past flag gets voted back in, I will leave the state, along with Georgia's dignity.

    How can your dreams come true if you never dream?
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